Brazil’s New Attackers



While the search for the Seleção’s Number 9 continues, two Brazilian attackers stand out as worthy of lining up to the right and left of Neymar.

Lucas Moura and Felipe Anderson are worthy to line up next to Neymar.

The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) must make sure that Lucas Moura and Felipe Anderson are put on the Seleção. These players embody the spirit of Brazilian soccer, and Neymar could use some more attackers that can shred defenders by themselves.

Time for Brazilian soccer to return to the electrifying and creative style of attacking play that made Brazil the undisputed best national team in the world in the past.

Lucas, Neymar, and Felipe Anderson can take Brazil back to futebol arte.

Assuming Brazil uses two excellent center midfielders and a quality Number 9, then the trio of Lucas, Neymar, and Felipe Anderson should make the Seleção a team to truly fear once again.

Brazil has been falling short of expectations, but the doomsday prophecies of Brazilian soccer are off base.

Brazil’s problems lay with finding a better starting line-up, and the main question marks are in the defensive midfield roles and the center forward position.

After all, Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, and Marcelo is an excellent Back Four, and Lucas, Neymar, and Felipe Anderson is an outstanding trio of world-class attackers.

While Lucas is a game-deciding attacker, his game is most associated with phenomenal dribbling and speed. Lucas is an excellent passer and finisher, but his speed and dribbling are huge x-factors.

Felipe Anderson combines playmaking with goal-scoring skill, and like Lucas and Neymar, he is virtually unplayable when he’s on his game.

Last season in Serie A, Felipe Anderson was the proverbial man on fire, and he and Lucas should help Neymar and the Seleção bring futebol arte back.